Meet Taylor Abbot, a Portland-based cat mom and pad Thai connoisseur who also moonlights by running her very own stationery business, Gray Aesthetic. She has a deep devotion for all things minimal and strives to live a happy and carefree life. In her spare time, when she's not caught between the pages of a good book, you'll find her working on designs and new concepts for her business. We gush over her immaculate street style, and can't get enough of her simple and fresh inspiration, accented with subtle hints of attitude.


Gina hails from Aachen, a charming little city in western Germany. Her travels and adventures help keep her full of fresh ideas, and in her spare time, Gina focuses on lifestyle photography and blogging. She has a keen eye and know-how for making the most of basics, which is what first caught our attention. When we discovered Gina, it was love at first sight and her muted compositions still continue to infatuate us. For those of you looking for a taste of a modern urban European look, make sure to check out her Instagram.


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We cannot get enough of the radiant and sincere creative spirit of Celeste Clark. Born and raised in the heart of Dallas, Celeste Clark is an artist whose heart is teeming with love, sunshine, and—most importantly—flowers. After a short time among emerald mountains of Utah, Celeste returned to her hometown, where her passion for illustration and creation blossomed from a hobby into a full-time design business. Celeste unearths inspiration in nature while hiking with her husband and miniature Australian shepherd, Moses.


Our favorite Georgia peach, Melody Joy is a self-made designer, photographer, and just an all-around boss. Her non-stop attitude enthralls us. In addition to her passion for design, she's a lover of lattes and over-sized hats—both of which you can find in her Instagram feed of her global mission to find the perfect café.

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