Reviewed by: Dr. Matthew Miller, OD on May 19th, 2022

Choosing the best frames for high prescription lenses depends on whether you are nearsighted or farsighted. Depending on what your prescription says, there may be a chance that your favorite style of frame may not be compatible with the lenses you pick. To avoid having your glasses give off that classic “coke bottle effect” (a situation where your lenses unfashionably poke outside of the glasses frame), keep this one thing in mind: Thick lenses with high prescriptions may poke out if your frame is not short or narrow enough. Thinner lenses however, completely eliminate that problem! Thin lenses will always be the most fashionable and functional choice for high prescriptions.

What are the Thinnest Lenses for High Prescription Glasses?

1.74 index lenses are the thinnest lenses for high prescriptions available. These ultra-light, ultra-sleek lenses are the thinnest kind developed yet, and accommodate the highest prescriptions possible. If you’re wondering just how thin they are, here’s your answer: If they got any thinner than this, they would literally almost vanish into thin air.

Thinnest Lenses for Eyeglasses Frames at EyeBuyDirect

The best frames for high prescription glasses on EyeBuyDirect are these fashionable five. These, amongst many others on our eyewear catalog page, fit well with high prescriptions of all kinds — regardless if you are nearsighted or farsighted! Check out our lens thickness chart for a detailed breakdown of the different options we offer.

St Michel — This awesome frame has both retro vibes and hip style, making it one of EyeBuyDirect’s most popular for high prescriptions.
Aura — Aura is modern design at its finest. Paired with a sleek thin lens, it almost gives off the illusion of not wearing glasses at all.
Chillax — Classy and chic. This charming style is great for thinner high prescription lenses. Brittany — This frame is both feisty and fun. It comes in a lot of colors, too! It’s narrower style means that you can pair it with thicker high prescription lenses.

When it comes to high prescription lenses, look no further than At other glasses retailers, the combined price of both your frame and lenses can add up to a huge amount! With us, however, you can get your frames affordably and delivered straight to your door.