These 5 steps on how to clean your transition lenses will help you prolong their lifespan and effectiveness:

  1. Clean your transition lenses at least once a day. We take our glasses with us wherever we go. That means that smudges, dirt, and dust will accumulate all the time. You don't want to strain your eyes looking through dirty glasses every day, so keep them clean!
  2. Always wet your transition lenses with lukewarm water. When tiny dust and dirt particles stick to your lenses, there's a high chance that dry-wiping your glasses can move them around and create micro-scratches on your lens. Avoid spraying household chemical cleaners on your glasses. These contain ammonia, which can deteriorate the special coating on your lenses. After you finish rinsing them, gently shake off any stray droplets that are on the lens.
  3. Gently blot your glasses with the right optical cloth. Don’t wipe or rub them — simply give them gentle dabs with the dry cloth. NEVER dry your lenses with paper towels, tissues, or napkins. While these materials might seem soft on your skin, their textured surfaces can badly scratch your lenses. Using the tip of your shirt is also a bad idea. To wipe your glasses, we recommend using a microfiber cloth. Luckily for you, EyeBuyDirect gives one free microfiber cloth with every frame you purchase!
  4. Once your transition lenses are dry, apply a small drop of dishwashing liquid to your fingertips. Wet your lenses again, and then use your fingertip to spread the soap around to eliminate any oil and finger smudges that might remain.
  5. Repeat step 3!

Do Transitions Lenses Wear Out?

Transition lenses last as long as a traditional pair of vision correction glasses, if not longer. You can expect a pair of adaptive transition glasses to retain their effectiveness for 3 years or more. After that time period, you may notice that it may take longer for the lenses to switch between its dark tinted and clear modes. Another sign of them wearing out is a yellowish tint at the very edges of the lenses.

Transition Lenses Problems

Transition lenses rarely have any problems. However, you might encounter some issues in very niche situations. Since transition sunglasses work depending on the amount of light in your surroundings, they don’t shift or change as quickly when you’re inside of a car due to your car’s windshield absorbing most natural light.

So what’s not to like about transition lenses? They give you all of the benefits of traditional vision corrective lenses… but with an on-the-go UV light protection bonus! Want to learn more about them? Take a look here for more information on how you can take the next step in protecting your eyes.