• Gender
    Men (36)
    Women (30)
    Kids (0)
  • Size
    Extra Large (2)
    Large (17)
    Medium (16)
    Small (3)
    Extra Small (1)
    Total Width
    110mm - 150mm
    Lens Width
    120mm - 150mm
    Lens Height
    120mm - 150mm
    Bridge Width
    120mm - 150mm
    Arm Width
    120mm - 150mm
  • Shape
    Rectangle (19)
    Square (5)
    Oval (1)
    Round (7)
    Browline (2)
    Horn (1)
    Aviator (3)
    Geometric (1)
    Heart (0)
  • Color
    Black (10)
    Tortoise (0)
    Clear (4)
    Gray (3)
    White (0)
    Pink (0)
    Red (1)
    Orange (0)
    Yellow (0)
    Green (0)
    Blue (4)
    Purple (1)
    Brown (4)
    Gold (4)
    Silver (8)
    Bronze (1)
    Rose Gold (0)
    Floral (1)
    Striped (0)
    Ivory Tortoise (0)
  • Material
    Acetate (2)
    Plastic (7)
    Metal (14)
    Titanium (10)
    Aluminium Alloy (2)
    Carbon Fiber (3)
    Mixed Wood (0)
    Mixed (2)
  • Rim
    Full-Rim (29)
    Semi-Rimless (6)
    Rimless (4)
  • Feature
    Progressive (39)
    Bifocal (39)

    Lightweight frames weigh 15 grams or lighter without the lenses.

    Adjustable Nose Pads (29)
    Spring Hinge (8)
    For Wide Face (2)
    For Small Face (0)
    For Low Nose Bridge (14)
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Do Gaming Glasses Work?

Gaming glasses feature blue light blocking lenses — this type of lens filters out the blue light that can disrupt sleep and contribute to retinal aging. Since digital screens emit a large amount of blue light, gaming glasses are a handy way to protect your eyes.

What do Gaming Glasses Do?

Gaming glasses filter out blue light given off by digital screens. Too much blue light can disrupt our natural sleeping rhythms and accelerate retinal aging. Gaming glasses keep your eyes healthy during long gaming sessions.

Do Gaming Glasses Help with Headaches?

Many people report that gaming glasses with blue light blocking lenses help reduce headaches and eye strain during long sessions in front of a screen. There’s evidence that blue light of a particular wavelength can harm our eyes, and headaches and digital eye strain could be a potential side-effect.

Where to Buy Gaming Glasses Near Me

EyeBuyDirect offers premium-quality gaming glasses, available to order from the comfort of your own home. You can add blue light blocking lenses to literally ANY frame, so choose the style that fits you best!

Can You Wear Gaming Glasses Outside?

There’s no reason you can’t wear blue light blocking gaming glasses outside. These lenses filter out blue light and cause no detrimental effects when worn away from your computer screen. You can even add a prescription to your gaming glasses, meaning they can work as your standard, vision-correcting eyeglasses, too.

What are Gaming Glasses Good for?

Gaming glasses are great for reducing the amount of blue light that reaches your eyes during gaming sessions. Too much blue light has been shown to contribute to retinal aging, and it can also disrupt our circadian rhythms, disrupting sleep. If you’re a gamer, a pair of gaming glasses is a smart idea.

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