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Blue light reading glasses

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Buying Your Blue Light Reading Glasses Online

You can order your blue light reading glasses online easily! Choose your frame and add your prescription (if needed!), and we'll do the rest! Not happy with your order? No worries. 14-Day Free Returns make buying glasses online easier than ever.


How to pick reading glasses for computer

There are many factors to consider when picking out the proper computer reading glasses. You might take into consideration your prescription, the size of the frame, and your personal style.

We offer 4 different types of Blue light filtering lenses you can choose from. EBDBlue Plus, with advanced blue-violet light filters, are great for everyday protection. EBDBlue 360 consists of a premium anti-glare coating. EBDBlue Smart has light-adjusting technology that seamlessly transitions from outdoors to indoors. Lastly, we have SightRelax, which are special lenses made specifically to reduce visual fatigue while reading.

What are blue light readers?

A lot of people don’t realize that blue light is all around us, every day — from the sun mainly but also digital devices. However, extended blue light exposure can potentially cause discomfort, headaches, [remove eye strain mention], and more. Wearing reading glasses with blue light filters helps to filter blue-violet light. Above all else, anyone can benefit from blue light reading glasses, especially for screen-heavy days.