Kids’ Blue Light Glasses

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Buying Blue Light Glasses for Kids

Ordering blue light filtering glasses for kids from EyeBuyDirect couldn’t be easier. For non-prescription kids screen glasses, simply choose a style and color, select the blue light filtering option, and order away. If your child needs vision correction, ensure you have an up-to-date prescription from your vision expert, and make sure you double-check the numbers before ordering.


Do kids need blue light glasses?

Considering kids’ eyes are still developing, they don’t necessarily need to have blue light filtering lenses for their glasses, but it certainly helps. Kids use digital devices more than ever these days, and blue light filtering lenses can help them to fall asleep at night after looking at screens for long periods. Having a pair of blue light glasses handy for your child is definitely a wise move for long hours of gaming, streaming, or homework sessions in the evening.

Should kids wear blue light glasses?

Whether a child should wear blue light glasses totally depends on how long they spend on digital devices. If your child spends hours looking at digital screens, it’s a good idea to invest in a pair of glasses for kids for the computer, as the lenses reduce digital eye strain by filtering potentially harmful blue light. As well as having a pair of blue light glasses, limiting the amount of screen time and taking regular breaks will also help.