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Buying Reading Glasses Online with EyeBuyDirect

We aim to deliver you the best in vision correction as conveniently as possible. Take your time and discover some of our special offers on affordable glasses, customized by you and perfected by us. Choose from a range of styles including rimless multifocal reading glasses.


Can you buy prescription reading glasses?

Over-the-counter reading glasses are marked with a prescription strength, but when you order reading glasses at EyeBuyDirect, you can enter the exact prescription you need to see clearly, and you don’t need to worry about lower quality lenses.

How do you know what strength reading glasses to buy?

The best way to find out your prescription for reading glasses is to speak to your eye care professional. Using a prescription based on the results of a recent eye exam is the only way to ensure that the lenses you choose will correct your vision accurately.

Can you wear reading glasses all day?

Wearing reading glasses all the time won’t damage your eyes, but it’s unnecessary. Reading glasses are designed to help you see better up close for activities like sewing and, of course, reading. Bifocal or progressive lenses are a good choice if you don’t like changing your glasses for distance and up-close vision correction.

How can you read the prescription for reading glasses?

You can read a reading glasses prescription in the same way that you read a distance-vision prescription. The number under the sphere section of your prescription indicates the vision-correction strength you need. Your prescription may have a cylinder and axis number on it as well, these numbers are also important.

What are the highest power reading glasses available?

The highest-power reading glasses prescription available at EyeBuyDirect is +12.00. Please note that some frames may not be available with higher-power prescriptions.

Is it possible to get reading glasses with different strengths for each eye?

If you need different prescription strengths for each eye for your reading glasses from EyeBuyDirect, you can simply enter the required numbers in the OD (right eye) and OS (left eye) rows of your prescription section at checkout.