Spring Shades

Our newest collection of sunglasses will inspire all the spring feels. Discover fashionable new shapes, handcrafted details and classic tones that deserve their day in the sun.

A Spring Vision

Be ready to see spring with new eyes. Polarized lenses will let you see the world with intense clarity and radiant colors.

Polarized lenses are specifically designed to reduce eye strain, increase visual clarity and enhance contrast. They protect your eyes from glare, while letting non-polarized light through. Thus, providing a better clarity of vision compared to standard tinted sunglasses.

High style meets high-performing technology: minimize glare and maximize style by adding polarized lenses to Spring Shades.

More Than A Fling

Styles you’ll be wearing this spring and beyond.

Future so bright,you gotta wear shades.

Hello, Sunshine.

Spring it on with a new upgrade to your eyewear. Add only $30 to get tinted lenses with a polarized coating to your prescription or non-prescription sunglasses.

New Styles In Full Bloom

Reduce glare and increase clarity this spring by adding polarized lenses to any of our sunglasses.

How To Add Polarized Lenses

  • 1.Choose your frame and click “Select Lenses”.
  • 2.Select the “Polarized” option.
  • 3.Choose between the “Basic Tint” and “Mirrored Tint” options, and select the tint color you like.
  • 4.Click add to cart and complete your purchase!

Refresh Your Look

Shed the layers and think sleek.

So Ready For Spring?

Shop the freshest styles to get a head start on the season.

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