Sunglass Frame Colors

When the sun is out and shining, it’s important to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays. But who says you can’t protect your peepers in style? Our main goal is to provide fashionable frames at affordable prices. Whether you’re in the market for some new stylish sunglasses or you need a prescription pair, our selection of frames will please even the pickiest shopper. But what really sets us apart is our extensive range of sunglass frame color options.


Depending on the shade of blue, these could be a great pair of shades to rock with a casual outfit and make a style statement. If you choose a darker shade, they could be a welcome addition and an unconventional color to your business lunch look.

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This color is perfect for sun-soaking on the beach and driving with the top down. Add a pop of color to any wardrobe by adding yellow sunglasses to your collection.

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Go against the grain and add green sunglasses to the mix. Depending on the hue, this color can add a touch of sophistication or creative genius to your wardrobe.

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Black sunglasses are the go-to choice for any sunglass enthusiast. This color will never go out of style and will always add a touch of rock, yet keep you looking sleek all day long.

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A great neutral choice, brown sunglasses can work with just about any style and skin tone. Particularly common for retro and classic styles, brown hues are a good choice for professional settings.

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Technically a neutral color, white sunglasses do everything but blend in. This is a great color to rock during summer months or add some contrast to the darker tones that you will wear during autumn or winter.

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Nothing is more classic and edgy as the tortoise sunglass frame. Depending on your outfit, you can add a classic element to a casual outfit or add edge to your hipster look.

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