RFLKT Eyewear, premium exclusive eyeglass brand. With the formal simplicity of minimalist design, these essentials come in unassuming patterns, dual tones, and pure solid hues.

All frames are handmade from premium cellulose acetate, stainless steel, or wood.

Our commitment to making a difference in local and global communities means every purchase from RFLKT helps a child in need to see.

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Symmetry $100

Upgraded lenses & coatings included

Four sets of double stud accents, squared lenses, tapered temples, and a flattop keyhole nose bridge.

Tortoise Translucent Ocean Tide Striped Caramel Taupe

Tortoise S

Prism $93

Upgraded lenses & coatings included

Flattop keyhole nose bridge, rounded brows, and double accent studs. A mid-sized frame style with circular lenses

Translucent Tortoise Clear Gray Cafe Glace Ginger Chestnut Warm Tortoise Striped Caramel Blonde Tortoise

Translucent M

Aura $100

Upgraded lenses & coatings included

Squared lenses with raised brows separated by an arched, keyhole nose bridge. Double accent studs on the temples and arms

Champagne Clear Jade Matte Champagne Warm Tortoise Jet Black  Translucent Havana Tortoise Frosted Vanilla Celeste

Champagne M

Shade $100

Upgraded lenses & coatings included

Curved brows, flattop keyhole nose bridge, squared lens shape, and thin temples

Champagne Warm Tortoise Striped Granite Cinnamon

Champagne S

Sequence $100

Upgraded lenses & coatings included

Flared temples with accent studs, rounded brows, squared lens shape, and a standard nose bridge

Ocean Tide Charred Quartz Amber Tortoise Striped Amber

Ocean Tide M

Lucid $100

Upgraded lenses & coatings included

Square lenses with rounded brows, and accent studs on the temples and wide temple arms

Translucent Clear Gray London Fog Warm Tortoise

Translucent S

Aurora $100

Upgraded lenses & coatings included

Keyhole nose bridge, accent studs on the temples and arms, and square-ish lenses with slightly raised brows

Nebular Blue Flecked Ivory Flecked Ivory Marbled Havana

Nebular Blue M

Outline $100

Upgraded lenses & coatings included

Round, stainless steel frame with a slight keyhole bridge, adjustable nose pads, and temples in acetate or wood

Matte Silver/Wood Matte Steel/Acetate Black Steel/Wood Black Steel/Acetate

Matte Silver/Wood M

Nostalgia $100

Upgraded lenses & coatings included

Embossed metal bridge, adjustable nose pads, double stud accents, and flat metal arms with acetate temple tips

Caramel Cinnamon Charcoal

Caramel M

Exposure $93

Upgraded lenses & coatings included

Square lens shape with slightly curved brows, arched keyhole nose bridge, and accent studs

Jet Black Macchiato Tortoise Jet Amber Cafe Glace

Jet Black M

Theory $100

Upgraded lenses & coatings included

Silver stud accents on temples and arms, round frame, and flattop keyhole nose bridge

Translucent Translucent Warm Tortoise Cognac Cognac Striped Granite

Translucent S

Concept $100

Upgraded lenses & coatings included

Rounded lenses, arched keyhole nose bridge, and silver diamond accents

Macchiato Tortoise Fire Stone Jet Amber Nebular Blue

Macchiato Tortoise M

Fade $86

Upgraded lenses & coatings included

Accent studs on flared temples and temple arms, round frame shape, and a flattop keyhole nose bridge

Frosted Rose Translucent Smoked Taupe Taupe & Pearl

Frosted Rose S

  • Charcoal and Walnut Resonance from RFLKT
Resonance $100

Upgraded lenses & coatings included

Thin, stainless steel frame front with square lenses and keyhole bridge, adjustable nose pads, and wooden temple arms

Charcoal and Walnut

Charcoal and Walnut M

Atmosphere $79

Upgraded lenses & coatings included

Flat browline, silver accent studs, and a flattop keyhole nose bridge

Jet Black Glazed Tortoise Blueberry Tea Nebular Blue

Jet Black S

Eloquence $100

Upgraded lenses & coatings included

Curved browline, silver accent studs, round lenses, and a flattop keyhole nose bridge

Marbled Hazel

Marbled Hazel M


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