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Eyeglass Frame Colors

Reviewed by : Dr. Matthew Miller, OD on June 24th, 2022

For many of us, one of the most important parts of choosing frames is dialing in the ideal color. We can choose a darker color to remain business professional or we can be fun and funky with a bold frame. From austere neutrals to popping solids, we offer a breadth of colors for eyeglass frames. Check some out below.

Black Glasses

A go-to choice for many, black is a professional shade that works well with any style. A particularly popular choice for the geek chic eyewear movement, black is also a classic color that can help rock both a retro and fashion forward style.

White Glasses

Though technically a neutral color, white does everything but blend in. Bright and lively, white is a summer color that goes with just about every style while still maintaining a relatively professional appearance. A bold choice, this is a particularly popular frame color for anyone looking to make a statement.

Red Glasses

Reds are excellent eyeglass frame colors for people with warm skin tones. Bold red is a breathtaking color that is popular in retro frame styles because of its intense and fierce hue. Darker reds can be good choices for more professional settings.

Green Glasses

A more non-traditional eyewear option, green is a frame color commonly seen among creatives. A particularly good choice for people with warmer skin tones, green is a great color for autumn seasons.

Blue Glasses

Peaceful and professional, different shades of blue work well for nearly anyone. This is an excellent choice for both men and women in professional and casual settings alike.

Brown Glasses

A great neutral choice, browns can work with any skin tone provided they have the right undertone. Particularly common for retro and classic styles, brown hues are a good choice for professional settings.

Clear Glasses

Colorless or with a very faint tint, clear frames are almost invisible when you are looking at them from a distance, but add a hint of class to your look up-close. They add a touch of modern style to any wardrobe.

Tortoise Glasses

Sophisticated and perfect for anyone to try, tortoise frames are a must have for your collection. Suited for anyone looking to go from an intellectual conversation to a casual dinner, tortoise frames are a great go-to during fall months for their brown and black undertones.

Grey Glasses

Embrace the cutting edge of fashion with these trendy grey frames. Whether you’re searching for a sleek urban look or a professional accessory, our collection of grey eyeglasses won’t disappoint.

Yellow Glasses

Shine bright like the sun. These chic yellow frames will bring your everyday outfits a whole new flavor of unique.

Orange Glasses

Get festive with the most playful and stylish orange frames. From darker citrus tones to energetic orange hues, our collection has it all.

Pink Glasses

Think pink! Our collection of pink frames has it all, from elegant pale tones to more playful bright pink shades. When it comes to making a statement, these unique frames are the very first step.

Purple Glasses

Our collection of purple eyeglasses go beyond fashionable. These Mysterious violet hues and playful magenta tones are guaranteed hits.

Striped Glasses

Explore the boundaries of eyewear fashion with striped eyeglasses. This collection features frames of all types, from those with subtle granite stripes to completely dual-tone styles.

Floral Glasses

Blooming florals and entrancing petals make this collection irresistible to the eye. These frames stand out with their nature-inspired patterns and colors.

Silver Glasses

The quintessential retro color. These silver frames include styles from almost every era of eyewear fashion, from vintage aviators to cutting edge Titanium glasses.

Bronze Glasses

Bronze colored frames can inspire a sense of wisdom and maturity in the wearer. If you’re searching for a down-to-earth aesthetic, look no further.

Gold Glasses

Gold-toned eyeglass frames are the height of luxe design. The cool tones of this shade will make your frames a style standout and conjure up a confident vintage vibe.

Rose Gold Glasses

Rose gold brings a little extra warmth to the traditional gold shade, making glasses frames in this color both romantic and fresh.

Ivory Tortoise Glasses

Tortoise eyeglasses have a warm, classic aesthetic that’s hard to beat. Ivory tortoise frames add a monochrome touch to the style that gives them a bolder, more daring feel.


How do you pick a frame color?

The first step in choosing a color for your eyeglasses frames is figuring out your personal taste! There’s no point following a color-matching guide for your frames if you don’t even like the color recommended to you. With that in mind, considering your skin tone and hair color can be a useful first step in choosing a color for your frames.

What color glasses should I get?

The color of glasses you should get depends on a few different factors. Finding a shade that’s appealing to you is the most important part of choosing a color. After that, take a look at our handy frame color guide for tips on choosing a color that will complement you best!

How to choose glasses frame color.

Choosing a frame color can be hard, but there are ways to narrow down your options and find that perfect shade for your frames. Your hair and eye color, skin tone and personal taste are all considerations when choosing a color for your eyeglasses frames.

What color glasses bring out my eyes?

Eyeglass frame colors that complement green and hazel eyes include earthy tones like gold and tortoise. More daring tones to consider for green eyes include pink or purple. Blue or gray eyes really stand out in black frames, or even darker shades of blue. Brown eyes can be nicely complemented with black or earth-toned frames.

What glasses go with my hair color?

Hair color is a helpful factor when choosing a shade for your eyeglass frames. A general rule to follow is that darker colored hair looks good with light-toned frames like clear or gold, while lighter hair contrasts nicely with darker frames, including tortoise or black.

What color glasses are in style?

There are a few different eyeglass frame colors that are currently on-trend. Clear frames are as stylish as ever, and perfect for a fresh and avant-garde look. Metallic gold frames are classic but effortlessly on-trend, while bright and bold colors like red are ideal for a head-turning look.