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Eyeglass Frame Styles

If you’re looking for the latest eyewear trends, EBD can help. EyeBuyDirect has a wide variety of frames in a breadth of styles.

Classic Frames

Classic frames are called such for a reason. Simple yet elegant, these frames blend vintage designs with neutral colors, achieving a fashionable but timeless look that will last through the years. EyeBuyDirect offers several classic styles for eyeglass frames in a variety of shapes and colors so you can find exactly the type of classic frames you want to achieve your desired look.

Fashion Eyeglasses

Your eyeglass frames say as much about your style as your clothes. The right glasses can make or break a look and highlight certain facial features over others, giving you a makeover with every pair.EyeBuyDirect offers the latest frame trends in a variety of shapes and colors so you can find the best pair to fit your personal taste and facial structure.

Lightweight Frames

Minimalist designs combined with lightweight materials make for glasses that are practically weightless when you wear them. Both aesthetically appealing and highly functional, EBD’s lightweight frames still maintain their durability despite their barely-there appearance.

Retro Eyeglasses

From cat eye shapes to oversized frames, we have retro eyeglasses from every era. Whether your style is more akin to the ‘50s aesthetic or to ‘70s flare, you are sure to find a functional frame that fits your desired decade.

Geek Chic

Geek is cool, and you can get the look too with chunky oversized glasses from EBD. The hottest trend in eyewear is all the rage at EyeBuyDirect, where you can find wired frames or full rimmed plastic to complete the look. Whether you prefer a trapezoid, rectangle, or round shape, you will find a frame to help get your geek on.

Colorful Glasses

Why wear neutral colors when you can wear any color you want? Go bold with EBD’s huge selection of colorful acetate and plastic frames in bright colors. Not only do we have a plethora of bold solid colors, find all of our floral and speckled glasses here. Collect the rainbow and sport new pairs of colorful frames with each new year or season.

Designer Glasses

Get guaranteed quality with EyeBuyDirect’s exclusive designer frames. You can find our premium eyewear brand RFLKTTM, and other frames created by EBD designers with sleek contemporary styles and fine details that practically scream “style!” Even better, these designer frames are easily within reach, available at an affordable cost so that anyone can benefit from high-quality designer frames.

Vintage Glasses

Our vintage eyeglasses embrace the silver-screen looks of Hollywood's greatest icons. Channel the lovely style of Audrey Hepburn with horn-rimmed eyewear. Call back to your favorite film noir heroes with trapezoid framed sunglasses in signature black finishes. When it comes to striking vintage looks, EyeBuyDirect has them all.

Aesthetic Glasses

Aesthetic glasses range from thick-rimmed styles in pastel tones to classic browline frames in rich tortoiseshell. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but these aesthetic frames are undeniably attractive.

Hipster Glasses

These quirky and distinct styles are sure to make you stand out from the crowd. Oversized frames and retro details abound in our collection of hipster-style glasses, ideal for adding a little something extra to any outfit.

Large Glasses

Finding the perfect-fitting eyeglass frames is a great feeling. If you need slightly bigger eyeglasses, this selection of large frames is just what you need. You’ll find a massive range of colors and shapes, so there’s sure to be a large frame perfect for you.

Glasses for Small Faces

There aren’t many things more annoying than a loose-fitting pair of glasses. Our specially designed glasses fit small faces comfortably without being too tight, and are available in a range of styles from bold to classic. Find your best-fitting frames in this collection of glasses for small faces.

Cute Glasses

This selection of eyeglasses includes our cutest styles. Round, oversized shapes and on-trend colors make these frames effortlessly stylish and undeniably adorable. Get in touch with your feminine side in these cute glasses.

‘50s Glasses

What would Marilyn Monroe and James Dean think of our frames inspired by the ‘50s? Take a look and see for yourself. It’s a style that clearly has star appeal and catches eyes for good reason.

Cool Glasses

Who doesn’t wanna look cool? If you’re on the hunt to enhance your cool factor, look no further than a fresh pair of trendy specs.

Sophisticated Glasses

A selection of suave specs for your viewing pleasure — designed to enhance your outlook on the world, with the style to back it up.

Wide Face Glasses

Designed to maximize both comfort and style, our wide frame glasses are the perfect fit for those with broader facial features — like high cheekbones and a round or square shape.

Horn-Rimmed Glasses

Bold browlines and timeless style — nothing says eyewear excellence like an ever-trendy pair of horn-rimmed glasses. Need a look that’ll stun on any occasion? Our collection of retro classics and cat-eye specs always delivers.

Thick glasses

Thick glasses offer form and function: Not only do they make a bold statement, these standout frames provide a sturdy fit for lasting style and everyday wear.