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Hipster Glasses Frames for Men and Women

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Order Women's & Men's Hipster Glasses Frames Stress-Free

With all of these choices, it’s easy to get carried away. If you realize you’ve made a mistake ordering your hipster prescription glasses online with EyeBuyDirect, don’t panic! Simply call and give us your order number and the corrected prescription within one hour of ordering. After ordering your online prescription glasses, you can expect delivery to occur within 7-14 business days.


Which frames are called hipster glasses?

Eyeglass frames that people usually think of as hipster tend to be on the bolder side of the style spectrum. Cat-eye styles, browline frames, and oversized glasses all feature that signature hipster look.

Where to get hipster glasses

You can pick up a pair of high-quality hipster-style eyeglasses at EyeBuyDirect. The ‘hipster glasses’ definition covers a range of shapes and styles, but they can be identified by their quirky vibe and effortless style.

Are hipster glasses still cool?

Coolness is subjective, but hipster glasses definitely have something going on. EyeBuyDirect’s selection of hipster-style frames feature unique styles designed to stand out. Hipster glasses are on-trend in the boldest and most self-confident way.

What are hipster glasses?

Hipster glasses tend to walk the line between geek-chic and avant-garde. EyeBuyDirect’s selection of hipster glasses ranges from modern, translucent designs to retro, wire-rimmed styles. Take a look and decide whether the hipster life is for you.

How can I get non-prescription hipster glasses?

At EyeBuyDirect, you can add non-prescription lenses to any of our hipster-style frames. Doing this is simple — after choosing the frame you like, select the ‘non-prescription’ option on the lens usage screen. You can also add other lens features, like a blue light blocking coating or transition lenses, to your brand-new hipster glasses.